LKN (Lake Norman) Communication and Leadership Club was formed in 2014 to provide a community member based club that focused on honing the communication and leadership skills of our students and parents alike!

The Power of Can (http://www.thepowerofcan.com) is its supporting leadership assistance. “CAN” stands for “Courage-Action-Now” and its motivator/coach is also an author. Communication and leadership skills are key!

This is not currently active, but can easily be re-activated with a group of dedicated students (any age) with a thirst for better leadership and communication skills. This had started in 2014 with a large group of students at a local church in Mooresville, in which we were able to hone the general curriculum and format of the meetings.

The students that had been part of the club have moved on to new and exciting successful ventures. They are on the path to be tomorrow’s leaders in our communities. The skills students learned are already proving to be invaluable in their daily lives.

The Power of CAN is located from a home base now, and located in Troutman, NC. Always on the lookout for those interested in bringing  communicators and leaders into focus.

If you are in the vicinity of Lake Norman, NC locally, or want to set up a zoom version of the club contact Jessica Keyes directly. We can discover the possibilities together.

Any questions please contact Jessica Keyes at:

Mobile: 704-746-7248

Email: Jessica@ThePowerofCAN.com 

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