LKN (Lake Norman) Communication and Leadership Club was formed to provide a community member based club that focuses on honing the communication and leadership skills of our students and parents alike! If you are in the vicinity of Lake Norman, NC come and join us at our next meeting!

Upcoming Meetings to Note:

  • Monthly Meetings 3rd Wednesday of the Month!
    • Upcoming in June!: Wednesday, June 1, 2017
    • Upcoming July!: Wednesday, July¬† 19, 2017


  • Meeting Location: Jessica Keyes, The Power of CAN, 122 Meadow Glen Drive, Troutman, NC 28166

Our monthly meetings are planned and visited by local Toastmasters with communication and leadership lessons. We have multiple opportunities for speaking through speeches, games et. al!

Come and join us!

If you are 18+ I encourage you to find a Toastmasters Club at www.toastmasters.org. We have a number of clubs in the immediate Lake Norman area.

Interested in sponsoring or making a donation?

donate button

Any funds collected over cost will be utilized for student/parent skill development.

Want to make a snack donation for the meetings? Contact me!

We appreciate your support.

Any questions please contact Jessica Keyes at 704-746-7248 or Jessica@ThePowerofCAN.com 

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